INDOPEDIA : Journal Inovasi Pembelajaran dan Pendidikan contains writings/articles on the results of thoughts and research results written by teachers, lecturers, experts, scientists, practitioners, and reviewers in all disciplines related to Education and Teaching.


INDOPEDIA : Journal Inovasi Pembelajaran dan Pendidikan includes research papers from researchers, academics, and practitioners.

In particular, papers which consider the following general topics are invited:

  1. Teaching and Learning in Education
  2. Educationcal Technology
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Material Development
  5. Education Professionalism
  6. Education Curriculum
  7. Education in 5.0 era
  8. E-Learning in Education
  9. Character building.
  10. Special Needs Education.
  11. Global Issues in Education.
  12. Technical and Vocational Education.
  13. Language and Literature Education.
  14. Social Sciences Education.
  15. Education Management.
  16. Sports Science and Physical Education.
  17. Learning Models and Strategies
  18. Other Fields in Education.